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horse barn

Here is just a small sampling of the dozens of free, instant download design plans and building details for barns and buildings.  Louisiana State University Ag Center

Hay Storage Barn
A 24' X 70' enclosed pole-frame structure designed to store hay or other farm produce or equipment.

Multi-Use Pole Barn for Heavy Snow Areas
Building plans for a pole barn in heavy snow areas but where snow does not exceed 35 pounds per square foot and winds are not above 80 miles per hour.

Machinery or Vehicle Shed with Living Quarters
A 60' X 22' structure divided into two areas. One is a 22' X 24'3" living area. The remaining space is for storing vehicles.

Horse Barn Plans
These free, instant download plans and building details for a dozen different horse barns and stables include designs for from one to seventeen stalls, in a variety of styles.

General Purpose Barn Plans
These small multi-purpose barns are perfect for small family farms and for homesteaders.

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