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Cost Saving Horse Care Ideas

Cost Saving Horse Care Ideas. Choosing, Nebraska Extension Acreage Insights Sept. 4, 2018.
Purchasing and caring for a horse may be challenging during tough economic times. Consider these ways to make horse ownership more economical.

Purchasing and caring for a horse may be challenging during tough economic times.  Following are ideas to consider that may make the situation more tolerable:

  1. Consider borrowing, leasing, or sharing a horse.  Some horse owners are willing to share a horse that isn’t being used much but are not willing to sell it.  This also gives you a chance to see just how interested in having a horse your family is.
  2. Attend clinics put on by more experienced horseman to learn how to ride and care for your horse rather than having a personal trainer or consultant.
  3. Acquire used tack and equipment at tack swaps or auctions rather than purchasing only new equipment.  Some equipment can be shared with other area horse owners.
  4. Schedule health and hoof care events for horse owners in your area or club to avoid paying call fees for someone to come out just for your horse.
  5. Consider giving your own vaccinations and dewormers.
  6. Consider using electric wire or tape or wire panels to confine your horses rather than pipe or wood fencing.
  7. Feed only the nutrients your horses need.  Over feeding can be just as detrimental to your horse’s health as underfeeding.
  8. Buying grain in bulk can be cheaper than buying bagged grain.
  9. Purchase hay when it is the cheapest such as during the summer right out of the field.
  10. Feeding round bales of hay is much more economical if you have the equipment to haul, unload, and feed them.
  11. Utilize pastures and exercise lots effectively to reduce purchased hay and bedding usage.
  12. Shoe your horse only when needed.  Most horses don’t need to be shod but you should still maintain proper hoof care.
Monte Stauffer
Monte Stauffer
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

Monte oversees 4-H livestock projects, shooting sports, 4-H Council, Equines Unlimited - "Horse-less" Horse Club, and parts of the Sarpy County Fair.

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