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Manure Management for Horses

horse grazing

With many acreage owners having an equine interest, the topic of horse manure management is fitting. The University of Minnesota Equine Extension Team put together several webinars. This month, Sara Ellicott, UNL Extension Educator, focuses on one presented by Betsy Wieland from University of Minnesota Extension.

"The webinar does an excellent job of explaining manure management for horse owners and describing a few of the options available. Wieland points out why manure management is important. Keep in mind that you should always check with your local zoning office for regulations, and also check with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) for state regulations. For information or questions about NDEQ regulations regarding manure management, contact Mark Henning, inspector for this region, at 402-471-4221."

The University of Minnesota Horse Webinar - Manure Management is 42 minutes long. To view the Webinar, click on the triangle in the middle of the video screen. To return to this Web page, click on your web browser's Back button.


Extension has additional small farm and horse manure information available at