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Plant It Forward, Nebraska Extension Acreage Insights April 2017.
Emerald Ash Borer adult

In 2016, the emerald ash borer was discovered in Nebraska. Nine percent of the state's trees—44 million ash trees—will eventually be lost. However, through tree removals and replacement with diverse species, we can start the process of rebuilding our community forests. State senators are considering legislation that would lead Nebraska's response to EAB. Read more about that here.

Below is a short video from the Nebraska Forest Service which sums up what EAB will mean for our state. 

Nebraska Forest Service
Kyle Martens
Communications Specialist - Nebraska Forest Service

The Nebraska Forest Service strives to enrich lives by protecting, restoring and utilizing Nebraska's tree and forest resources.

Contact Kyle at:
Nebraska Forest Service
202C Forestry Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0815
(402) 413-9248